Richard Leslie Mann
リチャード レズリー マン

イギリス ノッティンガム出身








独立し「Open World Language school」開校




  • CELTA英語講師資格
  • EFR(Emergency Fast Response)インストラクター資格
  • CPR(心肺蘇生法)インストラクター資格
  • PADI・BSACインストラクター資格


I had always wanted to travel and see the world from a very early age and yet it wasn’t until I was in my late 20’s that I took the first step. I now regret waiting for so long to begin but then I was nervous about how I would manage in foreign cultures by myself. As soon as I began I realised that I had an advantage over many other people, I could speak English. Everywhere I went I was able to communicate easily with the local people. My language had opened the world to me. Eventually I made my way to Asia as a diving instructor and made a further discovery, I was good at, and loved, teaching. My partner at that time, who was Japanese, suggested I come to Japan and teach English there to help encourage Japanese people to see more of the world. So that’s what I did. 

After living here for 10 years and gaining one of the highest foreign language teaching qualifications available I came to the realisation that most English schools in this country don’t teach “real” English. They teach “examination English” from set textbooks and are only concerned with the quantity of students and not the quality of education. This is when I decided to make my own school. Language is about real communication between people, not just about rules and grammar. 

Communication is also the fun part of learning a language so therefore FUN is a part of every lesson we give. We know that students learn better and faster when they are both relaxed and enjoying themselves.

The two most important parts of any school are the students and the teachers. This is why Open World Language school will only use professional teachers who will always put the student first. Our lessons are catered to the individual needs of each student first and foremost to give an affordable and quality service.

It is our dream, through OWLs to educate people, in not only language, but also in the joy that can be gained through communication and exploration of our beautiful and fragile world that we all have to live on together.

Richard Leslie Mann